You would be surprised what other places have the same kind of issue. I have a 2010 Camaro SS, which was highly anticipated. I was a regular on the message boards for the car during it’s design phase which was often visited by the design team including the chief engineer behind the project. When Chevy revealed the… » 4/30/15 12:25am Thursday 12:25am

Until it turns into a VW Vortex post about how the dealer doesn’t know what hes talking about. Kinda like all the posts from Honda guys that I know exists about how the smoked a new Camaro SS (Me), when in reality I just don’t race them. I personally don’t care but a dealer might. » 4/29/15 12:32pm Wednesday 12:32pm

I do do this for people, however when it comes to transaction time the actual owner of the car is there, I am just the facilitator, many times I don’t even show up. I know a lot of people who don’t know how to take good pictures, don’t know how to describe a car and what it has, and they realize this and know if they… » 4/29/15 9:26am Wednesday 9:26am

Oh man reminds me of when I was buying my 89 Turbo Trans Am. Looked at one that turned out to be a ginormous piece of shit. The car wouldn’t even make over 10lbs of boost (stock is 17.5), spoke to the owner’s “mechanic” on the phone who when I advised him of the engine issues (after he got done telling me her serviced… » 4/27/15 12:51pm 4/27/15 12:51pm

1998! Hah! You missed the golden age of frustration. You need to go back to the 80’s and early 90’s when EVERY FUCKING GAME needed a specific memory setup so you would have to make all these goddamn boot disks to set the game up to run, and then have your main autoexec.bat and config.sys setup so you could run windows… » 4/23/15 8:45am 4/23/15 8:45am