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Lotus names GP3 backmarker to testing role

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According to her former GP3 teammate Rob Cregan "Carmen Jorda couldn't develop a roll of film, let alone a hybrid F1 car." and yet here she is, she has been named development driver for Lotus' F1 program.


Lotus F1 CEO Nick Carter said, "Carmen will bring a fresh perspective to the team. We have a strong program for her attending Grands Prix as well as extensive time in our sophisticated simulation facility at Enstone. She is a unique addition to the team and we are looking forward to helping her progress her goals as well as receiving the benefit of her insights and contributions to the development of the E23 Hybrid."

I'm not sure exactly what kind of perspective one can bring when shes failed to score a point in over 40 GP3 starts. She even managed to fail to qualify in 2 events! Thanks to the new rules she doesn't have a sniff of a chance of an FIA Superlicense. Maybe this is an early April Fools Joke? After all Lotus F1 social media is known for its sense of humor.


Oh but wait, I forget she has a certain special talent that their #2 driver also has, "sponsorship".

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